Our Story

Max and Bradley met in their freshman year dorm at Stanford, and have long been excited about the potential for AI to transform society. Several years later, having gone on to work on some of the most exciting applied AI problems in industry, they teamed up to build pangramlabs.

Our mission at pangramlabs is to mitigate new issues caused by the proliferation of powerful generative AI models. We will aid the effort to ensure that the new generation of powerful language models will be a net positive on the world.

Max Spero
Max Spero
CEO, Co-founder

Max is a seasoned machine learning engineer. He most recently worked on autonomous vehicles at Nuro, leading their active learning effort. He has a long history of deploying successful machine learning products at Google, Two Sigma, and Yelp.

Max holds a B.S. in theoretical computer science and an M.S. in artificial intelligence from Stanford University. In addition to his passion for building, he is also an active member of the Magic: the Gathering cube community.

Bradley Emi
Bradley Emi
CTO, Co-founder

Bradley is an AI researcher and expert in building deep learning products in industry. He recently led the deep learning research group at Absci, a generative AI drug discovery company, and previously was a member of the core computer vision team at Tesla Autopilot.

While a graduate student, Bradley authored multiple publications in deep learning research with the Stanford Vision Lab. He holds a B.S. in physics and an M.S. in artificial intelligence from Stanford. Aside from AI, he is also excited about education, philosophy, and is an avid golfer.


Interested in joining our mission to protect the internet from AI-generated spam? We'd love to talk to you! Please reach out to us at careers@pangramlabs.com.