The most accurate
technology to detect AI
generated content at scale.

We protect enterprises and platforms against an influx of AI generated spam, fraud, and abuse.

Our solutions identify deceptive, inauthentic, and low-quality content produced and scaled by popular LLMs like ChatGPT, Claude, and Gemini.

Experts trust our solution to authenticate human generated content.

Leading Accuracy

Over 9x more accurate than other competing AI-generated text detection solutions.

Backed by Big Data

Trained on a diverse set of over 100M+ documents to cover a wide range of content types.

Advanced Analysis

We provide granular content analysis to explain how our models make their decisions.

Built for Scale

Our API can handle hundreds of millions of requests in real time for enterprise-level integration.

Customers and Partners

Our Advantage

Our company was founded by Stanford machine learning researchers
with years of experience building AI systems at Google and Tesla.

As increasingly powerful generative AI models were released, we saw
firsthand the damage to the web caused by spammy AI-generated content.

We knew this problem was too important not to be solved correctly.

Catching AI generated content is a
business imperative in a Post-AGI world.
User Protection
Generative AI allows bad actors to generate fake or deceptive content and information at scale.
We can quickly identify harmful content before user trust can be abused.
Regulatory Compliance
The FTC is taking action on fake reviews and the EU is adding requirements to disclose AI-generated content.
Our SOC 2-certified solution helps you stay compliant in real time.
Premium on Authenticity
As AI content becomes increasingly commonly used by low-effort actors, users will prefer platforms full of authentic content.
We can help keep your content authentic and high-quality.
We believe in empowering users with the most capable tools to
secure their platforms and defend against bad actors.

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